Photo by Aaron Snow.

Photo by Aaron Snow.

About The Author

I'm Ashley Whiteside, an interior stylist and half of a mother-daughter abstract painting duo. This corner of the interwebs was created for those of you with a love for creative pursuits and the counterparts that are always on the lookout for real-world inspiration.

I thoroughly enjoy vintage decor shopping, making to-do lists that are unrealistic, planing elaborate details, getting excited with you, my big family that talks over each other, herbal tea, and pretending that I'll start a garden this year!

This online record has begun to chronicle the restoration of our recently acquired 1937 Streamline Moderne (think Art-Deco-goes-Mod) home in Oklahoma City, and to share the stories from my work. So often, seeing real homes and real solutions can be the very catalyst that sparks your creativity. I'd love to teach you true betterment of the space you're occupying, because life's too short for overstuffed arm chairs.