Interviewed! Metro Family Magazine

It's never been lost on me that getting to have a creative outlet with Nora isn't, well, normal. I get that. Sometimes that's cool, and sometimes it requires an annoying amount of explanation wherein I make the exact same joke about her struggling to reach the giant canvases (here's a few she's conquered so far). Yeah, it's as lame as I just made it sound.

There are those folks, however, that hear of it and instantly label it as MAGIC. I like you, said folks. See one such kind soul in this interview in a local publication. in the spirit of full disclosure, this was a wonderfully candid conversation. We met at Cuppies & Joe for coffee while Nora bounced around in my lap, spilled her almond milk on me, and we were interrupted by clients or friends of mine no less than five times. Not that I was playing hard-to-get, but I felt like it could have appeared that way. #lessonsinhumility

Much thanks to Hannah Schmidt, Editor of Metro Family Magazine in OKC for the write up you featured on us. Also, thank you to Elyse Fair of Ely Fair Photography who snapped these pictures when she interviewed us for her own blog last year just as we were beginning. Both of these gals are dipping their toes into motherhood now, and I can't wait to see their experiences.