Shop Small OKC // Gift Guide #3 plus GIVEAWAY

The same day that I cried by the Oklahoma City recycling bin that won't accept cardboard, Sharyl started mentioning how she and her husband were looking into shopping locally as much as they could this year. After my albeit self-imposed guilt-fest, a result of the move and all the online orders and the swarms of cardboard, the concept of less environmental impact felt wonderful and obvious. It's in no way foreign, but easy to dismiss in times of busyness. I have felt for years this great conviction to live in a way that lessens my environmental impact.

I can not ever claim to be 100% of anything, nor do I recommend that you should. Let's all be a little more okay with doing some good instead of resisting a concept we can't do perfectly! That small step on my brain right now? Putting a face to the dollars I'm spending, and being intentional in that. My next installment in the Shop Small OKC Gift Guide is one more compilation of ideas that would allow you to do the same, and hopefully makes the transition a little more smooth for us all!