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Things you need to know about the wet-dry shop vacuum

Vacuum cleaners or Wet-dry shop vacuums are a useful “assistant” of women in cleaning the house. However, there are messy things you have to use a brush to sweep or even pick up by hand instead of using a vacuum cleaner. Although people always think that the wet-dry shop vacuum only has a vacuum function, besides there are still many other special functions that you have not known. In today’s article, I will introduce you to some unique features of wet-dry shop vacuums as well as not use vacuum cleaners to clean. Right now, let’s learn about them together.

The unique functions of the wet-dry shop vacuum

A new vacuum cleaner with many smart features helps you clean your house fast, deodorize, antibacterial for a clean, clean family atmosphere.

  • The indicator light is full of dust

Vacuum cleaners design full of dust lights, operating when the bag, dust box of the machine has been filled, alerting users to promptly dump dirt to reduce dust collection efficiency and waste of electricity of the family.


When you turn on the wet-dry shop vacuum, and the dusty indicator light emits continuously, you should turn off the machine, discharge, clean or replace bags, containers for a vacuum cleaner to use more effectively.

  • Swirling suction technology


The wet-dry shop vacuum applies Cyclonic vortex suction technology to clean up to 99% of harmful dirt and bacteria, increasing dust handling and compression, helping to minimize the amount of trash stuck to the filter, saving time effective home hygiene.

In addition to Cyclonic vortex technology, some vacuum cleaners also use Cyclone vortex suction technology to create vortex airflow with superhuman speed to clean dust, destroy bacteria optimally.

This technology can reduce the size of the dust particles by 50%, increasing the amount of space in the dust container, which allows you to vacuum continuously without having to dump it multiple times.

  • Dust blowing function


In addition to the suction function, the wet-dry shop vacuum also has the blowing capacity when activated, which will blow away dust, hair, leaves … quickly, then you can gather these types of trash and take them away immediately.

This function is suitable for families who need to clean leaves in the house or garden, dry the water on the car after washing, collect falling hair in the bathroom …

Things that you do not use a wet-dry shop vacuum to clean

The vacuum cleaner has excellent functions, as we just mentioned above. Besides, there are still several things that you have not noticed them, typically the incredibly sacred objects, should not and do not use a wet-dry shop vacuum to clean.

  • Hard objects


Hard objects such as coins, screws, or toys will gravely harm the vacuum cleaner, causing them to stop working. These items, when sucked into the machine, will cause the device to be clogged, damaging the bag, even breaking the engine. Instead of smoking, users should pick up all the hard objects to avoid the risk of the vacuum cleaner.

  • Coffee grounds


People who drink or brew coffee know how to clean up the coffee filter. The floor is covered with coffee grounds, which is difficult to clean, but do not try to clean it with a vacuum. Doing this can clog pipes, damage engines, or allow mold to grow in the machine.

  • Fresh food

Some fresh foods such as raw vegetable leaves, potato salad … you should not use a wet-dry shop vacuum to clean. Because the size of these can clog the machine, their moisture can damage the engine. Not only that, the fresh food may be spoiled and smell bad inside the machine.

  • Liquids


Conventional vacuum cleaners are not designed to absorb water. If users accidentally run a wet-dry shop vacuum in a puddle, there is a risk of electric shock and damage. Even if there is no electric shock and the machine is not damaged, cleaning the dust bag, the duct will be complicated.

  • Dry leaves, tree chips


Dry leaves and small, crumbed branches can clog the engine, so clean them by hand.

  • Kitchen ash/fireplace, construction dust

We usually use a vacuum cleaner to absorb heating ash, kitchen ash, construction dust has basically no effect because tiny dust is blown to the back of the machine and flies outside. It is best to sprinkle a little water or a small coffee grounds to make sure not to breathe the dust and sweep it into the trash.

  • Glass fragments

Similar to hard objects, glass fragments will cause severe damage to the straws and dust bags, even debris trapped in the straws. Users should use their hands to clean this debris, avoid broken vacuum cleaners, cost replacement.

  • Makeup


Powders such as eyeshadow, face or foundation, blush, etc., and broken lipsticks, should not be sucked into a vacuum cleaner. They may leak while inside the device and cause danger.

  • Smoking too much hair

Just a little hair on the floor will not affect the operation of the vacuum, but if a lot of it is a different story. The hair will wrap into the brush of the machine, making the cleaning effect less. Users should sweep by hand if the king has a lot of hair.

  • Land

When someone brings shoes from outside into the house, you will be able to think of cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner, but that is not recommended. Wearing soiled shoes makes the story or carpets dirty, and soil particles can fall under the rug. Besides, moist soil can cause engine damage. Therefore, no matter what the reason for your floor is soil, use a broom and dust tray to clean them instead of using a wet-dry shop vacuum.

In conclusion

Through the particular functions that we have just learned on, you have a better understanding of how to use the wet-dry shop vacuum with those functions yet? In particular, things that are not allowed to use a vacuum cleaner to clean things like we just mentioned are also essential. Please take a look and apply them in the process of using the wet-dry shop vacuum to get the most effective.